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In the autumn of 2008 we cleared up the 730 m2 Eternit roofing of our stable and we replaced it with a new one in Alluzink.  Onto the part of the roof facing south we installed a photovoltaic plant made up of 108 Unisolar triple junction amorphous silicon panels of 136 W for a total of 14,14 kW.

The plant has been connected to the mains power electric since 30th December, 2008 and it has produced about 19000 kW/h in the first year, avoiding the emission of about 8900 kg of carbon anhydride and 5.80 kg of nitrous oxide per year.

At the end of 2009 we installed a biomass Tatano boiler, Kalorina BK35PV of 29000 Kcal/h to produce sanitary hot water and heating of our house, 5 rooms and an apartment.  This boiler is stoked up by wood (which we produce) and by grinded olive stones discarded by the olive press mixed with corn on a scale 2:1.  These are 0 km fuels and are purchased loose which also lets us save on packaging.

At the beginning of 2011 we installed skylights in the three bathrooms of the bedrooms that don’t have a window … this way we are able to use natural light during the day and save energy.

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