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In 2003 we planted 100 Frantoio variety olive plants and 360 Leccino variety olive plants with a 8×8 planting density (layout), reaching a total of 600 olive plants.

In 2009 we bottled our very first organic extra virgin olive oil “Peretti’s Olive Oil”.

This organic extra virgin olive oil is directly extracted from the first pressing of healthy olives exclusively using cold-pressed mechanical procedures and it contains high levels of polyphenol antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatory agents (oleocanthal), it also has an optimal omega 6 omega 3 ratio similar to that of maternal milk.

Our olive oil comes from the best olives manually picked in October (using facilitators only) and then cold-pressed every morning in the Andreini oil mill at about 8km from our farm.

Oil Analysis

In order to be defined extra virgin, olive oil must respect certain chemical and organoleptic properties. Our oil characteristics make it a high quality extra virgin olive oil.

2019 Chemical Analysis

Acidity                      0,19 % M/M oleic acid

Peroxides                 5,60 meq 0C/kg

Polyphenols              235 mg/kg


Packs and prices

Our olive oil packs are available as follows:

500ml bottle  at the price of 8,00 euro

5lt can          at the price of 60,00 euro

3lt can          at the price of 37,00 euro

1lt can          at the price of 13,00 euro




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