Renewable energy

A sustainable agritourism

In autumn 2008 us of theagritourism Peretti we reclaimed the 730 sq m roof of our Eternit barn and replaced it with a new Alluzink roof. In the south-facing part of the roof, we installed a photovoltaic system with 108 triple-junction amorphous silicon panels from Unisolar of 136 W for a total of 14.14 kW.
The plant has been connected to the power grid since December 30, 2008, and the first year produced about 19000 kw/h while avoiding about 8900 kg/year of carbon dioxide and 5.80 kg/year of nitrogen oxide.

At the end of 2009, we also installed a biomass boiler from Tatano, the Kalorina BK35PV of 29000 Kcal/h to produce domestic hot water and to heat our house, 5 rooms and an apartment. This boiler is fueled with wood (our own production) and hazelnut (the ground olive stones, waste from olive mills) mixed with corn in a ratio of 2:1. These fuels are 0 km or nearly so and are purchased in bulk saving even on packaging.

In early 2011, in the three bathrooms in the rooms that do not have windows, we installed skylights ... so as to take advantage of natural light during the day while saving energy.

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